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19 & 20 NOV 2019


What Can You Find There?

Alcohol Zone

Uncork the secrets that will transform how you view and use your alcoholic drinks. Looking to make a splash in the hospitality industry? The Alcohol Zone hosts exhibitors that will upgrade your drinks cabinet and keep the spirits of your visitors all the way up. This zone’s incredible selection of products is sure to get your head spinning... the good way!

Soft Drinks Zone

Visit the bubbliest part of the show by making your way to the Soft Drinks Zone. There you’ll find the most refreshing options that you can offer to your clientele - be it as a mixer, or to enjoy by itself, this zone has everything your clients need to quench their thirst. From exotic new flavours to low sugar and alcohol free options; this zone will display the next wave of soft drink products that will keep your business fresh!

Health Drinks Zone

Combine pleasure and refreshment with health! Today’s healthy drink is as exciting as ever, and better for you. So drop by the Health Drinks Zone and find the widest range of liquid health options and sugary drink alternatives that will help your clients stay fit and make the world a healthier place.