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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


5 Infused Vodka

We believe that great vodka should be made by cooks not chemists. Five Vodka is hand crafted in Minnesota. We craft each infusion in small batches using real ingredients that make the difference.

Ever wake up and realize your life is moving unbelievably fast, and exceedingly complicated?

We did. It bummed us out. We`re a couple friends balancing life, work and kids who run amuck. While we love our lives (and our mucky kids), we were thirsty for days to slow down and things to get simpler.

We thought about that over a drink. Which happened to be a sweet little vodka our husbands had dreamt up; a handful of natural ingredients, cranberries they found in Wisconsin. Oranges smuggled back from California. And Vodka.

It was nice, REALLY NICE... Especially on ice. So we told the husbands, `Husbands! Let`s up the production. We need to share.`

They listened.

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