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19 & 20 OCT 2022


ISH Spirits

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ISH is a pioneer in the non-alcoholic category and is already serving its award-winning alcohol-free spirits, wines and premixed cocktails in over 15 countries including some of the world's best restaurants and innovative hotels.

Through innovation and a dedicated R&D team, we are able to create groundbreaking, never seen before, products that when tested on consumers, can't tell if they contain alcohol or not (yes, we have tried this many times - and it's equally funny every time). We use different techniques to create our products, but one things is similar for all - we only use natural ingredients. Plants, spices and other botanicals are extruded using distillation, steam and filter extraction (for example we use shells of chili seeds to create the heat we know from alcohol). Our wines are made traditionally and through a proprietary process using vacuum and temperature to eliminate the alcohol while preserving the complexity in the grapes.

40% of global consumers has a desire to decrease their alcohol consumption (IWSR). Globally, 22% of consumers are drinking less alcohol, according to Bacardi`s Global Brand Ambassador Survey 2020. According to Nielsen 2020 data cited by Distill Ventures, the no- and low-sector has grown by 506% since 2015. In the UK alone, sales of non-alcoholic `spirits` grew by 30% in 2019. Data shows that this is a category that will grow tremendously in the coming years and we believe the best liquids will win, which is why put a lot of effort into creating the most innovative products.

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