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19 & 20 OCT 2022


mellos lemonades by Opre' Brothers

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A household name in their native Slovakia, mellos, was founded by Oprendek brothers looking to drift away from the traditional take on the classic drink - lemonade. Being already established self-proclaimed aficionados in the cider industry, Gabriel and Rado took the challenge of "reinventing" the lemonade to the next and unexpected level.

With most lemonade recipes calling for cups of sugar, mellos opted for the simplicity of honey-sweetened version that is refreshingly tart but still has a sweet depth of flavour from the locally produced raw honey. The flower honey sourced from trusted beekeepers of Kosice's area of Slovakia is used as the base for all their lemonades. With the health benefits of honey known for thousands of years, not only are mellos products delicious in taste, but honey also contains glucose, fructose as well as many potent vitamins and minerals to benefit overall wellbeing.

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