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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Nero Drinks Company Ltd

Nero Premium Vodka gluten free with no artificial sugar or additives.

Produced from potatoes instead of grains, the aroma resembles hints of vanilla with fragrant tones of citrus. Whilst the taste is smooth, almost velvety with little to no after burn.

Made using only 100% British potatoes with no added sweeteners or additives. Nero Premium Vodka is sugar and gluten free. One of the benefits of of a potato vodka like Nero is the low calorie count when sipped or combined with the right mixer.

Our unique vodka recipe goes hand in hand with the Nero Vodka bottle design and POS materials. We work with the best European 2D and 3D artists, designers and illustrators to combine an exceptional product with strong art direction and branding.

Tel: 07715312110

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