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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Tequila AMAN

Luxury Super Premium Tequila. Tequila AMAN is produced in Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico. We grow 100 hectares of agave fields in Nayarit, Mexico and Jalisco. Tequila AMAN is unique in its own way, but collectively, forms a differentiated Tequila compared to the more commonplace, industrial-made brands

Our exceptional design highlights the quality of the spirit itself which is made with low pressure autoclaves, volcanic alkaline spring water, stainless fermentation sinks and stainless stills with copper coils.

AMAN means trust, dependability, standing firm. The reason for our name began when I planted my first agave lots in Nayarit, Mexico. My farmers always told me they could depend on me for providing them with more work in my agave fields at double the pay of the international powerhouse distilleries they worked for. As a Mathematics college professor in East Los Angeles California, my students always depended on me to serve them all equitably providing them with opportunities to succeed. Together with my life experiences working with both farmers and students, I bring you the story behind Tequila AMAN.

We went with the simple cylindrical type of a bottle but tapered so it's more elegant. As for the creative direction, we decided to use the rhomboidal "diamond cut" pattern which provides very useful analogies alluding towards what we might view as "luxury". It is also similar to rhomboidal pattern apparent on cut agaves, though again, more elegant in the elongated form. The diamond cut also carries many geometric mathematical attributes representing my role as Mathematics Professor in inner city schools. This pattern as a theme can be also useful for any auxiliary branding or other creative materials.

The outer diameter of our metal cap and top rim of the bottle is matching 40 mm, in line with the bottle's geometric aesthetics.

Gerardo Madrigal
CEO & Founder
Tequila AMAN
Cell: +1 (323) 945-9532

Tel: +1(323) 945-9532

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