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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Westerhall Rums UK

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Born in Grenada and enjoyed the world over, Westerhall Estate is responsible for some of the world's most authentic rums, all for your pleasure. Steeped in culture and history our story and rum are unique. It's about finding the inherent joy in life and letting everything else just wait.

The Westerhall Range includes five aged rums:

Rum No.2 - double distilled and aged in plain-oak casks for two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance. Rum No.2 is diluted with the purist of Grenadian spring water before being charcoal filtered for absolute clarity.

Rum No.3 - a smooth mixing rum that boasts robust Grenadian flavours. Aged for three years in oak casks, its unique scent and taste comes from the infusion of naturally occurring flavours in the Grenadian water.

Rum No.5 - silky smooth, and effortless to drink. Rum No.5 is immensely enjoyable either on the rocks, as a refresher with coconut water or ginger ale or used in your favourite rum-based cocktails.

Rum No.7 - aged for 7 years in new American oak, ex-borbon casks resulting in a dark rum that boasts robust and interesting flavours. Our signature Grenadian spices come through clearly, supported by strong molasses.

Rum No.10 - rich in spices with a gentle temperament. No.10 is exceptionally smooth on the pallet and provides sweet flavours with a warming residual finish. No.10 has been recognised as an outstanding vintage rum and is best enjoyed neat.

Each rum is distinctive so come and see us to find our #whatsyournumber

Tel: 01227 286383

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