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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Zapaygo Investments Ltd

Zapaygo is a powerful and convenient on-demand mobile ordering and payment platform for the entertainment, hospitality and leisure sectors. Zapaygo enables consumers to order and pay for any item, pick up their order at designated VIP pick up points or have it delivered to their table, home or office.

Something about waiting in lines just doesn`t vibe with today`s on-demand society.
Despite technology`s best efforts to deliver instant gratification at every turn, waiting aimlessly to be served at a local establishment remains too prevalent an occurrence. Each day most people wait in line to order morning coffee, lunchtime meals and drinks after work. In total some 30 minutes a day wasted.

That is 8,400 minutes a year, or almost 19 working days, which is a whole working month. At other times visitors to stadiums, arenas and events have their experiences compromised by waiting in lines for food and refreshments.

Zapaygo seeks to serve the most frequent use cases of morning commute purchases, lunchtime / evening meals and drinks, in venues that want people to stay in or collect their order. Zapaygo will also serve larger venues including sports stadiums, music arenas and other large leisure facilities.

Combining this app with a best-in-class loyalty membership program and a RewardZ MarketPlace token, users will have access to promotions, discounts, and customised membership rewards to create memorable experiences designed specifically for them.

Providing popular venues with food & beverage pre-order facilities to defined market segments, venues enjoy improved operational efficiency, improved customer service, and better customer analytics.

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