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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Non Alcoholic Revolution Has Started, The Journey Has Only Just Begun.

Dry January And Beyond……

Dry January represents a great opportunity to kick-start the year, after indulgence over the holidays it’s now time to recharge! Our New Year resolutions are set, but Dry January is no longer a one off abstinence. 

The food and beverage industry has seen a huge shift in consumers choosing to eat and drink healthier options. The most noticeable by the Millennial consumers who are more often making choices influenced by the impacts of health and wellbeing.  Consumers are more educated than ever, considering a variety of factors such as alcohol volume, calorific value, sugar levels, preservatives, organic and or whether it's vegan. However, it doesn’t just stop here, consumers also demanding to know the origin and provenance of products. All such factors are key drivers when it comes to the making that purchase, all influenced by health and wellbeing.

A New Drinking Culture

The health risks with alcohol will not go away, we all know the risks of excessive drinking, and the social problems it causes. The dreaded hangover is not fun, and as we see this shift in demand for alcohol free and low alcohol drinks, a new drinking experience is happening. As this change continues to bring social benefits, a new healthier drinking culture will continue to grow from strength to strength within the Food and Beverage industry.

Inclusive To All

The concept for Vinduo started in 2017, founders Alexander Shafiq and his wife Rachel, already owners of a successful Hotel in the South of France, fed up with serving customers sugary fizzy drinks. Instead they wanted to offer an alcohol free alternative that was special, a drinking experience inclusive to all. This is when the extensive research began, with many rounds of tasting!  

We have had a lot of fun blind tasting, and you know you are on to a winner when our tasters thought our Lussory Sparkling Brut was the real deal! 

We live and breathe the alcohol-free movement. The majority of menus today have a lack of alcohol free drinking experiences, our movement is starting to bridge that gap.  Being selective in our portfolio and taking the time to evaluate our alcohol free wines enabled us to take the informative approach to the Hospitality and Retail sectors.  The movement is happening on both sides of the channel!

The Year Ahead…

2019 is going to be our busiest year yet, with a variety of exciting new brands coming onboard this year, it is certainly going to include a vibrant choice of quality alcohol free wines.. We have already made the commitment to also exhibit at the International Drinks Expo November 25 & 26 this year, so we look forward to see you there!

The Alcohol Free journey has only just begun, the technological developments in production techniques will continue to feed the market improving quality, each time raising the bar!


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