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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Fewer drinkers are a good thing!

As Bob Dylan sang, “Times they are a changing” and this is certainly true in the drinks industry as it is everywhere else.

There is evidence that Stone Age people enjoyed a tipple or two!! So, it is safe to say that alcohol has been around since civilization began. Its prime purpose was for use in celebrations of life and to grease the wheels of debate. However, in recent years it has become more associated with a “binge” drink culture.

According to the Office of National Statistics this is changing. Fewer people are drinking now than they have been in the last 30 years. So why would this be good news for the drinks industry?

Well we think that this trend suggests people want to enjoy a drink in the company of friends, having a laugh and putting the world to right. We are after all social creatures.

This means that people are now looking for quality over quantity and looking for a drink that helps make their time together a more memorable experience. This must be good because it means those in the industry have to put their thinking caps on and develop drinks that will exceed the customers’ expectations. This also allows for new blood and smaller producers to really make a mark.

We are one of them and wanted to develop a range of high-quality spirits, incorporating elements of global society with a sense of fun and theatre. We also wanted our drinks to appeal to everyone from varied backgrounds. Each drink being versatile enough to enjoy on its own, in a cocktail or in other unique ways. It wasn't easy but we like big challenges and believe we have smashed it!

Then there was the question of what to call our brand and range of drinks? We wanted names that related to individuals and that's when SDS and the seven deadly sins range was born. Although, we prefer to see them as emotions which we all experience and sometimes are afraid to voice when we shouldn't be.

We also really wanted our customers to know that when sipping one of our Seven Deadly Sins drinks, they would also be making a difference to the world. So, we decided to support 8 charities, which our supporters and followers will now help choose, these charities relate to our drinks with part of the profits going to them. 

On the 5th February 2019 we went public at our first exhibition and the SDS brand was truly launched.

Our hope is that while enjoying a multisensory experience with our drinks you will also feel liberated and happy.

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