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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Sculpt your way to creativeness and success

Ice sculptures have a long and historic association with the hospitality sector. The first known sculpture was created by Auguste Escoffier, a French chef who had one accompany the launch of his new dessert in 1892. The ice sculpting sector really began to thrive from the 1980s and onwards, with recognition of the art form at a variety of top-notch events and as a cultural activity at the Olympics.

Today, ice sculpting is often used in culinary arts, with many sculptors learning the craft in culinary schools. Ice sculptures are typically used in entertaining, both as decorative statues and as functional display pieces. They also go hand in hand with fruit and vegetable carving. This connection has historic roots -- during the Middle Ages, extravagant meals or banquets hosted by the wealthy often featured sculptures, made from edible ingredients like pastry dough, sugar and ice. 

Branded ice sculpting is getting more and more popular for a variety of events and commercials. Ice sculpting can be used for many different occasions, from a welcome piece at the entrance of an event, to an interactive aspect where people pour a drink in at the top and let it filter through to the bottom, delivering an ice cold drink and also a cool photo opportunity to share on social media. 

Here at Techne Ice, we carve bespoke ice sculptures for various companies and we have recently just completed one for a premium drinks brand to be used in a TV commercial. The commercial was filmed inside prominent Hertfordshire historical attraction, Hatfield House.The design incorporated the remarkable history of the location and the quality of the drinks brand. Within 48 hours we planned, created, and delivered a unique design that we are very proud of! 

A company spokesperson for Techne Ice Sculptures commented: "We carefully plan out all our bespoke sculptures in order to provide every client and visitor with the ultimate creative ice experience. We operated to really tight deadlines to pull this piece together and are very proud of the impact it achieved." 

We’re a highly creative company and the founder, Wenistus Asanga Amerasinghe’s work has been displayed throughout the world. We were also thrilled that we won the ‘Best Innovation Award’ at last year’s International Drink Expo and cannot wait to return to this year’s fantastic show!

If you require any bespoke ice sculpture services, we would love to hear from you!

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