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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Escape into your Childhood Memories

The soft drinks market is one of the most lucrative sectors in the world and the global market is worth $857 billion. The UK market alone is worth a staggering £15 billion making it the largest soft drinks market in Europe.

New soft drinks products are being launched continuously throughout the world by giant brands and small-scale entrepreneurs, trying to force their way into the marketplace. Some enter the market with huge advertising budgets running up to millions and some smaller hopefuls with a zero marketing budget. However, the real question is what are the key factors that make a soft drinks idea a big success? Is it the taste, branding, concept, availability or a massive marketing campaign? 

The founder of Mount Valley Beverages Ltd decided after thorough market research that the concept was the most crucial ingredient for a soft drinks brand to make it big and then it was followed by taste and branding.

Most drinks entrepreneurs and indeed larger brands were shifting their focus on the health aspects due to the pressures from campaign groups and governments. However, it was acknowledged by the founder that new brands should also focus on creating products that have a distinctive value to the consumers instead of just simply following what others were doing in the market. It was essential to offer the discerning British consumers much more than just a drink to build brand loyalty in this fiercely competitive market. 

According to our own market research consumers were looking for more than just a drink that quenches the thirst, or another like for like introduced by a competing brand. They need something that stands out in terms of concept and that they can relate to in some way.

So, what is the big idea? Well, we haven’t come across anyone who grew up in the UK that doesn’t love Pear Drop sweets. So we decided to develop a soft drink that tastes exactly like those childhood gems! That’s right…Pear Drop sweets inside in a bottle! We recently set up our own production facility in Greater London to launch the Pear Drop flavoured craft soda under the brand name Drop drinks. So far those who had a taste were just completely wowed by it and it even enticed some very creative mixologists to jump onto it too as it works well as a mixer! So what’s next for us? We’ve cooked up the recipes for many more variants based on the traditional British sweets and we will strive to surprise the British consumers with new flavours to keep the brand fresh and innovative. 

The Pear Drop flavoured drink has an unusual functionality driven by nostalgia. It can be enjoyed as an occasional fun drink and perhaps be an alternative to alcohol on a night out with friends. This is the first time that the British public get to enjoy experiencing their childhood all over again, by simply taking a tiny sip of a soft drink!

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