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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Top tips for launching a new spirit concept

Imagine that you would want to launch a new spirits concept, maybe just as an expression of your lifestyle, maybe because you see that the market could use a new premium concept. The current market has become more demanding when it comes to new products: out with the bland, and in with the exiting new!

So, what would make your product standout? How could your new idea become Infamous? Let us share some elements that we learned along the way, and sometimes also the hard way:

Quality – First of all, these days it is all about quality. Customers won’t go for plain and bland anymore: deliver it constantly and don’t take shortcuts. Sometimes it is better to extend the production process than to deliver bad quality. It’s also not just the production part that needs to be up to par, packaging, communications, service, … Customers will be happy to pay a premium price if the quality is top-notch.

Be original – Make sure that you, both brand and product, stand out from the competition. Do not only spend time on the visual/branding part, focus on the entire concept: what makes your spirit stand out from the competitors? Try not to be the next white label in a store, focus on a specific segment that has been left out or neglected for far too long. Dare to take a risk. Packaging (gift boxes) are still very likeable, don’t be afraid to be a bit quirky in its design, as long as it matches your brand.

Natural – Quality might be key and that applies to using ingredients in the spirits industry even more. Using all natural and durable produced ingredients has become more and more important as clients have become more aware of synthesized flavors or ingredients. Be honest about the product you use.

Indulge – Accessorize your product, make sure that you can continue the brand in spin-off products. Challenge your audience to create new products or ideas using your spirit as a base. Make your audience feel as a part of the family. Give them the necessary visibility and credit for their work, it will strengthen your relationship with the audience.

Engage – Enrich your social engagement with customers, be available and don’t be too formal. Keep your communication at level, be personal and avoid being too formal. Try not to approach large social influencers, keep it real and authentic. People like the “boy/girl next door”-type.

Our The Infamous N° 01 (or IR01 for short) has grown through different phase, many of which are summarized above: produced with only the best ingredients: a fine Bourbon barrel aged blend from Barbados (8 years) and Trinidad (5 years), infused with premium quality spices, bottled in a unique bottle and design, accessorized with awesome tumblers.

The resulting spiced rum can be enjoyed neat with a good cigar or as part of some highly creative Tiki and cocktail concoctions. At 41% ABV, the IR01 shows as well that it is not just any other spiced rum.

The balance of the rum shows the attention given to the quality of the ingredients used: every spice used has its own part to play, every sip reveals more spices and show its complexity, without clouding the original character of the used rum blends. Another way to allow for this balance is by applying a slow infusion: the rum is infused for almost 30 days with a maceration of spices: Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascan vanilla, a custom 100% Arabica espresso-blend, zest of oranges, cloves, cacao, anise and other mysterious ingredients.

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