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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Summer Solstice Trade Festival


Dinerama Shoreditch, 19 Great Eastern Street, EC2A
Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 15.00pm - 19.30pm (Conference)
19.30pm onwards (Special Guest DJ's, Street Food and Drinks)

The Night Time Economy is worth in excess of 70 Billion UKP per annum in Britain. Not just responsible for creating jobs and the regenerating areas and cities, it plays a key role in the culture and identity of areas within cities. On July 2nd The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) will be hosting a day of talks and panels discussions at Dinerama in Shoreditch. Topics include High Street Regeneration vs Retail Licensing, Value of Events and Festivals within Communities, PPL SFE Increase and Ongoing Challenge on Stealth Taxes, Future Issues with SIA Security Resource Shortage and the Future of Music Culture & Arts within the NTE. With attendees from the world of hospitality, leisure and stakeholders, the event aims to educate, innovate and celebrate the Night-Time Economy (NTE), as well as, deliver a range of lively debates throughout the day.

About the NTIA:
The NTIA exists to support, develop, safeguard and save the UK’s Night Time Industry, working with Mayors and councils across Britain. They have been instrumental in helping to establish with the Mayor of London a Night Time Commission, a Night Czar in London and Manchester. Their role is to ensure the key stakeholders are fully aware of how crucial the NTE – as a place maker and a place shaper - is in helping drive and foster an identity for an area.

How the NTE can be nurtured, alongside important issues around regulation, safety and limiting the costs of activities, while maintaining a smart and nuanced balance for all, locally and regionally, are some of the key questions which will be addressed by leading protagonists from the music, entertainment and hospitality industry on the day. The occasion allows members of the Night-Time Sector a platform to network, socialise and gain strength from an association represented by like-minded people with a vision for the future of the Industry.

"Its a testing time for the Industry, important for key stakeholders to work together and embrace the political and social challenges within the sector. Work to our strengths, driving a message of economic value - remembering we are embarking on a time when the high street is incumbent on the retail licensed trade, remembering the portfolio of businesses the sector represents are vital to tourism, employment, regeneration and future investment."

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night-Time Industries Association

15.30pm - 15.40pm Mike Kill (CEO NTIA) Introduction
15.50pm - 16.00pm Dan Davies - Chairman IOL / Rockpoint Leisure

*The Importance of the NTE in the Regeneration of High Street and its impact on Place-making within the UK!

Leighton Deburca (Bristol) - Dan Davies (Chairman IOL) - Sarah Clover (Kings Chambers) - Jon Fox - (Wardell-Armstrong/MVT)

*The Value of Events within our Communities - (WP)The Political Economy of Informal Events, 2030

Nick Morgan WATF - Alan Miller NTIA - Tom Hall Mash Media - Hayley Squires (LPS) 

*The truth about the SFE Tax Increase by PPL - The debate rolls on!

Greg Marshall (AFEM) - Julie Tippins (DHP Family) - Mike Jungerius (DJ Monitor) - Peter Hunter (Dockleaf/Institute) - John Hayes (Former BEDA Chairman/NDML Advisor)

*Security Industry Authority - Building towards a sustainable Private Security Sector?

Tony Holyland E (SIA) - Adam Usher (MAST Security) - Ian Graham (Met Police) - Nick Morgan WATF - Steve Blake (UKCMA)

*Music, Culture and Arts - Shaping the future of the Night Time Economy for 2020 and beyond!

Lyle Bignon (BMC) - Ras Kwame (Capital Radio DJ) - Kevin McManus (Head of UNESCO City of Music) - Dan (Propaganda/Events) - Ben Newby (MJR)


For interviews with any of the attending speakers and all press contact:
Michael Kill -