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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The exclusive brand of the night!

We wanted to create a brand which would stand apart from everything else in a nightclub environment – unique but not gaudy – somewhat understated but also memorable.
Rudwolf’s story, like so many of the best stories, begins on a night out when conversation between a group of friends turned towards potential business ideas. 
The founder and a close group of friends were relaxing after an event and conversation naturally turned towards creating a brand which was the equal of the night.
The group were all passionate energy drink consumers and came up with a concept for an energy drink aimed at an exclusive market. In 2014, the team began to develop its branding, and to start researching and formulating the recipe for the product.
The idea of exclusivity helped to inform our choice of flavours – the original flavour and the flavour for the sugar free version of the classic version is cinnamon.
We decided on cinnamon for several reasons. Firstly, it is an ingredient which has always traditionally been viewed as expensive and exclusive – a special flavour associated with celebration and luxury. Secondly, we wanted to create an energy drink which would mix well with dark and golden spirits such as whisky, bourbon or cognac.”
Rudwolf’s distinctive wolf logo and branding has been developed over several years.
What do we think of when we picture the idea of a wolf? We think of independence, but also of loyalty. The wolf travels in a pack, and it seemed an ideal symbol to tie up the set of values we hoped to communicate. 
The result of this process has been the development of the distinctive gold and black Rudwolf logo, which feels almost like a piece of traditional heraldry more than a standard energy drink marketing exercise.
Our classic cinnamon variety in the black and gold can creates completely new tastes by mixing it with spirits.
In addition, our low sugar version has a gold design scheme and branding which is intended to appeal more to a female demographic.
Rudwolf didn’t start production until 2017. Since production and distribution began, Rudwolf has been hitting well above its weight. We have nine employees at the moment, but we are searching for the right people all the time because we are expanding very fast. In the first half of 2019, we sold almost half a million units. We are serving 4,500 outlets in Germany.
In summer 2017, we became a partner of the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. It’s the largest venue in northern Germany, with a 16,000 capacity. They took out Red Bull and put us in.
We were the first energy drink to sponsor Paris Fashion Week in 2018, and in 2019 we have become a major sponsor of the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. In fact, we have already secured some new outlets in Cannes and various exclusive clubs in the Cote D’Azur through our partnership with the festival.
So what is the distinctive Rudwolf feeling? We do what we want. We follow our instincts. That’s the way of the wolf. We want to let people see this new company and see it start to grow so they can be part of the story. We need to be different to our largest competitors, so we are doing a lot of things related to lifestyle – we are not just associating ourselves with extreme sports or simply stating “drinking this gives you energy” – we are trying to say much more.

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