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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The Spookiest Halloween Cocktails

It’s October - Nights are getting longer, days colder, and winter is starting to rear it’s cold, grey head from under autumn’s welcoming orange and red tones. But that also means something exciting is coming… it’s the spookiest time of the year, Halloween!
Halloween is an excellent excuse to party, and what goes hand in hand with a good party? Themed cocktails! Any bar or drinks establishment is going to want to get in on the Halloween spirit, serve some seasonally themed drinks! Customers will love them, and it will add a nice spooky edge to any Halloween festivities!

The Black Widow Smash

Named after perhaps nature's scariest creature, this cocktail created by Half Baked Harvest is a fruity number that tickles the taste buds and soothes the palate with some tequila in the mix! Smashed blackberries lend their fruitiness, and some sparkling water adds some fizz. Finished with a sprig of smoking rosemary, and its air of mystery creates a lovely Halloween haze!

Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch

Nothing says Halloween like blood, and the deep red of a blood orange reflects it both in name and in colour! Heather Christo used it as a base of this wonderfully fruity punch! It’s not only pretty, but also extremely easy to prepare - just toss the ingredients in a jug with some ice, and you’ve got a beautiful rum packed punch!

Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail

Halloween is all about the mystery, and this cocktail is most certainly mysterious! It’s like staring into a shimmering abyss in a cocktail glass, while also being a lovely mix of a lime daiquiri and a lime martini. A fun, visual alcoholic treat by Elle Talks, it’s definitely worth trying out!

Blood Orange Sangria

More blood orange, this time in the form of a lovely pinot grigio based sangria. Fruity and delicious whilst also being good and spooky, a blood-red sangria goes down a treat with any cocktail (or wine!) lover.

The Devils Margarita

Of all the spooky characters out there, the devil is perhaps the spookiest! This sinful little number mixes tequila and wine together in a layered cocktail for a naughty treat! A spot of fizzy water adds some sparkle, and the most devilishly tempting boozy cocktail is born!

How do you make the spookiest of holidays even more fun? Mix it with alcohol! Of course, fun themes don’t go amiss, and with these Halloween cocktails, all hallows eve should be one to remember; or not, as the case may be!

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