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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Sweet tasting honey lemonades minus harmful sugar!

Unless you have been hiding under a stick of rock these past few years, you will have heard that sugar consumption has skyrocketed. We are eating more of the stuff than ever – a fact decried by commentators, celebrity chefs and politicians alike.

But sugar does not only add to the flavour, but diets high in sugar also tend to be high in calories, and the associated weight gain can have an impact on your heart, lead to diabetes and tooth decay.

Reasons to switch to healthy options

Caloric beverages contribute to weight gain more than solid foods because the body doesn't compensate fully for beverage calories by reducing calorie intake from other foods. Adults who drink one sugary drink or more per day are much more likely to be overweight than non-drinkers, regardless of income or ethnicity.

Those consuming sugary drinks regularly have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely consume such drinks. The chances are even higher for young adults.

Sugar-packed beverages consumption is associated with nearly twice the risk of cavities in children and increases their likelihood in adults. Untreated cavities can lead to pain, infection, and tooth loss.

Another alarming fact is the much higher risk of having a heart attack in those regularly consuming sugar-rich drinks.

Healthier, tastier and with lower calories

With most lemonade recipes calling for cups of sugar, mellos opts for the simplicity of honey-sweetened version that is refreshingly tart but still has a sweet depth of flavour from the locally produced raw honey. The flower honey sourced from trusted beekeepers of its homeland Košice's area of Slovakia, is used as the base for all their lemonades. With the health benefits of honey known for thousands of years, not only are mellos products delicious in taste, but honey also contains glucose, fructose as well as many potent vitamins and minerals to benefit overall wellbeing.

More than just fixation with a healthy lemonade

With the sugar alternative to the base established, there are more wellbeing reasons to consider.

Unique flavours and unusual combinations. Distinctive and often quirky perception of traditional taste with all-natural ingredients to benefit the range of lemonades. With all-senses tickling factors in mind came an opportunity to produce high quality and exclusive range of hand-made artesian lemonades infused with herbs, exotic shrubs, fruits and unusual botanicals with their flowers and petals.

Every part of each of our tastes and senses tingling flavours reflect on carefully sourced powerful natural ingredients while complimenting their crucial element - honey!

Sensual, medical, and mind supportive properties of herbal and botanical power played a crucial role in choosing them. With varieties ranging from rose and hibiscus to butterfly pea and coriander, the benefits of mellos lemonades include a healthy immune and digestion system, improved memory, or reduced cholesterol, to name just a few.

A honey-based alternative to traditional lemonades infused with tropical, faraway ingredients not only justifies a healthy body and mind but allows consumers to have a choice they want and deserve.

If your taste buds are feeling adventurous, there are six exciting flavours to chose from, with each awaking different senses and triggering memories of travels, places, or childhood recollections, while focusing on wellbeing, happiness and vigor. 

Already loved and admired in their homeland, mellos's range of lemonades is currently available in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Ireland. with many more markets welcoming them shortly. 

Luckily, soon you do not have to travel to Slovakia to enjoy their specialty; Always open to cooperation and happy to introduce their assortment of sensational products to anywhere in the world, mellos is ready to help and participate.


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