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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Buzzz Drinks expands into the United Kingdom

Why is the expansion of Buzzz Drinks important?

This is the first expansion of the company to a new market which is also one of the biggest and most competitive markets for the food and beverage industry – The United Kingdom. Therefore, Buzzz Drinks will introduce healthy drinks to the British community, as the Brits are known of being health concerned. The customers will have the unique experience to either make their own drink by mixing the syrups Buzzz offers with other beverages or to have it on the go by buying our ready to drink products.

The products of Buzzz Drinks

The flavors of the syrups offered by Buzzz Drinks are elderflower, elderberry, linden and orange and are dissolved in proportion of 1:10. In addition, the bottled beverages are made from elderflower and elderberry.

All the products are free of artificial colourings, scents or flavourings. 


It has been proven that the elderflowers, elderberries, lindens and oranges have many health benefits including the wide variety of vitamins they contain. Therefore, the beverages offered would not only be naturally tasty, but healthy too. Therefore, Buzzz Drinks decided to focus on the production of syrups and drinks made from these primary products.

Buzzz Drinks