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19 & 20 OCT 2022


#BounceBack Resume your FNB operations with TOT Online Ordering Solution

We are facing difficult and challenging times as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop. The FNB industry is one of the most impacted and is trying to mitigate the effect on business. Restaurants and cafes have found themselves on the front line of the crisis, with many already being forced to close dine-in due to city-wide lockdowns or a drop in business as a result of social distancing.

Industry experts are suggesting several strategies applicable for businesses to remain viable during difficult times like these. FNB businesses could use the opportunity to make some reviews, understand their customers and their changing needs, simplify and optimise their business processes, identify the products that are in demand and easy to sell, digitalize products into an easy-to-share e-menu, add relevant stocks, encourage and incentivise well-performing employees.

Businesses can focus on promoting takeaway and deliveries, use customer database to communicate promotions through emails, text messages and promote the use of digital payment. A focus on takeout deliveries has become one of the key strategies because data shows that there has been a significant change in consumer behaviour with more and more people opting for deliveries and takeaway food.

We at Simplified Solutions understand how important it is for your business to avoid disruption and reorganise to ensure stability. Our TOT Online Ordering Solution is a very comprehensive yet easy to use online ordering platform for restaurants and FNB outlets to take home-delivery and takeaway orders over the internet instantly.  It can be remotely setup in less than a day, linked directly to your own website or your social media pages on Facebook or Instagram to get you going.

Write to us today on to know more and expand your FNB operations online with your usual welcoming smile.