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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Chefs wanting to make money right now – look no further than Chef 33!

Chef 33 may be the answer to a lot of Chefs concerns right now which is “how do I make money?”

With restaurants closed and many Chefs not qualifying for government support, the market place is limited with opportunity.

Chef 33 has been designed to support Chefs working from their homes or cloud kitchens (industrial units) to sell food to the public.

Chef 33 is a food app available on Android and iOS (just released) for customers wanting to buy food, and for Chefs, a full web app has been built to manage orders (for use on desktop/laptop/tablet devices)

All payments are paid to the Chefs via stripe and the cost to Chefs is 10% commission on transactions. With Covid-19, all subscription costs have been waived, making this a cost-effective way of selling food.

There is a “Waste Not Want Not” feature, designed to allow caterers to give food away for free. This is especially intended to help families with Children who could use the app to find free food locally.

We are onboarding Chefs from May and as Chefs start ramping up on the platform, so will our user base.

If you’re a Chef, sign up on the website at If you’re a customer interested in finding food, please sign up on the app which is on both app stores for iOS and Android.

We wish everyone the best in health and wellness during such times and we’re keen to support as many food businesses as possible to diversify into selling food to the public.