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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Let Juno Bamboo Water Help You!

Nowadays, customers are thirsty for premium hydration experiences, natural flavours and transparent production processes. Demand is rapidly shifting from traditional drinks to innovative non-alcoholic beverages. Should your venue be associated with an exclusive drinks’ offering, it will attract more premium customers and enhance your sales. 

Therefore, Juno Bamboo Water is exactly what you are looking for! 

Produced in the UK, Juno Bamboo Water is the first of its kind in Europe. Made with aromatic bamboo leaf extract, sparkling water and a citrusy note of yuzu, Juno Bamboo Water will help you raise the profile of your drinks’ list and attract a trendsetting clientele. 

5 ways Juno Bamboo Water can help your venue: 


  • Capturing premium customers: According to the British Soft Drinks Association, value per capita was 119.6£ for carbonated soft drinks in 2019 (+11.8% YoY growth), while litres per capita was 79.9 (+2% YoY growth), showing that consumers are increasingly opting for more exclusive drinks. Thanks to its elegant design, sugar-free recipe and unique taste, Juno Bamboo Water is perfectly positioned to capture a rise in upscale demand.
  • Capturing health-aware customers: Demand for low & no-calorie healthy drinks is trending. With its sugar-free and low calorie recipe, Juno Bamboo Water is an ideal choice. In addition, bamboo leaves are recognised for their health benefits; rich in natural antioxidants, the bamboo leaf extract helps to detoxify the body and enhances the immune system. 
  • Capturing the no-alcohol demand: Demand for no-alcohol drinks is rising as customers are willing to keep socializing in bars, cafes and restaurant, while decreasing alcohol intake. Opting for a more sophisticated beverage is better perceived than picking a traditional soda or juice. Again, Juno Bamboo Water is a perfect fit and could also be used as an experimental mixer for non-alcoholic cocktails. 
  • Capturing innovative customers: Customers are increasingly searching for unique drinks’ experiences. By introducing bamboo leaf extract, we are innovating and pushing further the boundaries of the healthy drink market. Juno Bamboo Water contains no artificial colorant, sweetener or aroma. It’s all natural, crisp and refreshing! 
  • Building a sustainable community: As a responsible brand, we believe that awareness goes beyond the quality of our ingredients, so we are partnering with One Tree Planted non-profit organization. For each bottle sold, we donate to global reforestation projects and we keep our community informed and engaged through our social media channels.


We have an exciting public relation, free media and earned media plans in place to help us create demand for Juno Bamboo Water. We will also support your venues with in-store publicity material to generate demand for Juno. 

If interested by Juno Bamboo Water, please reach out to us:


Instagram: @juno.bamboowater



On behalf of Juno’s Team, thank you!