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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Powready's Click & Collect System

Powready is a fastest-growing technological solutions provider for the hospitality industry, with a suite of tools and capabalities to drive footfall and improve customer experience. 


With new government guidelines, second lockdown underway and constant loss of revenue for businesses; constantly adapting to new situations have now become the norm in the long wait back to ‘normal’.  We have been working long and hard to bring a solution, as quick as possible to help you.


We are pleased to present our new click and collect online ordering platform, available FREE for the entire duration of the lockdown, and beyond. 


What is Click and Collect? 

Delivery sounds all fun and dandy, but a motorcycle carrying a six-pack of beer sounds like a recipe for a spraying disaster. So instead, let's Click and Collect. 


It’s very simple: 

1. You’ll receive an online menu that can accept online orders (integrated payment gateway) 

2. Your customer orders and pays for their food, drink or item online 

3. Then picks a time to come and collect 

4. No wait times, No payment Processing Fees, No personal contact.  All made simple and easy using a contactless QR code.  

Modernised Hotel Room Service System 

For hotels, this would modernize current in-room ordering systems.  With our click and collect system, hotels will be able to provide clients a personalized, streamlined, and hassle-free room service with our contactless technology.

It’s Completely FREE 

Yes, It’s completely free! For the entirety of the lockdown period, we’re waiving all payment processing fee. 


In Addition, you will never pay a subscription fee, no contract or commitment, no upfront fee with all onboarding and setup included.  Which means you keep 100% of your hard-won sales.  Try, test and create your beautiful menus for FREE today.

What are the main features?

Start taking online orders in seconds

The dashboard and app are incredibly intuitive and easy to set up. The app was specifically designed for you in mind.  All you’ll need to do is copy-paste your current menu items, upload any photos and it can also connect to your social media accounts.  

Accept orders and payments from anywhere

Our service also allows you to take orders and payments with QR codes. This means you can print and stick them to your till, add them on emails, or add to your website.   You can also print the QR codes on flyers and include in any deliveries. Customers can scan the QR to order in seconds, payments are quick and instant.

Remain open throughout lockdown, and beyond

Most important of all: by adopting early to click and collect, you are enforcing social distancing and keeping your customers safe.  You’ll be able to keep your place open, up and running throughout lockdown. Customers can then continue using this loved service above and beyond lockdown.   


For more information on PowReady’s offering click on the link here:


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Best of luck,

The Team at PowReady