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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Social Drinking, Reimagined

How do we reconnect customers – with venues, and with each other – in a post-COVID world? Moreover, how do we do so in a way that’s not only consumer friendly, but avoids becoming just another ‘solution’ designed to eat into bar revenue when protecting it is more important than ever before?

Enter, eDrinks.

eDrinks is social drinking reimagined; we’re all about bringing people together with one another, and with their local pubs and bars. It’s the digital evolution of traditional drinking scenarios: from getting a round in, to buying a drink as a token of thanks, eDrinks provides an efficient solution for bars and pubs that also celebrates the wonderful, and long overdue, social experience.

Everyone’s a Winner

Of course, digitisation is nothing new to the hospitality industry; there’s a veritable ton of new tech geared towards promoting safety and efficiency – for consumers. But nobody is focusing on improving the landscape for pubs and bars. We are.

eDrinks tech is as much about driving new footfall and customers to your bar, as it is about consumer convenience. We’re on a mission to replace every birthday card sent, every anniversary flower purchased, with a drink at your bar, profit in your pocket, and a new customer on your premises ready to order another.

How Does It Work?

When a customer presents you with an eDrink token, you can choose between two simple methods of redemption.

You can download our simple eBar-Tab app on any device to scan eDrinks, generate reports and receive instant payment settlements to account of your preference between Stripe, Paypal or Bank. 

Or, if you prefer using your own EPOS, we have made it just as easy. 

When a user tells us they are in your venue (or planning to visit in the near future), an eDrink token is automatically generated via API and an immediate payment for the value of the eDrink is settled to your account. Once the eDrink is validated and payment is received, you can serve the customer. 

It’s that simple. And best of all, there are NO Monthly fees and ZERO commissions.

Join the Evolution

Increase revenue beyond your current regulars by opening up a new audience motivated by convenience and social interaction.

Join us in reimagining social drinking, and changing the way customers value their local, for the better. Start redeeming eDrinks today, and we will do the rest!??