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19 & 20 OCT 2022


COVID-19: A guide to getting your food and beverage business back on track

The past year of pandemic restrictions and business closures has hit the food and beverage industry hard. A sector that initially thrived on people showing up is now faced with the challenge of showing up for their customers instead. With safety being an even bigger priority now more than ever, COVID-19 has changed the way restaurants and bars operate for good, leaving businesses in a position where they must adapt fast. Keeping your business afloat can be made easier by staying connected with your customers and finding simple solutions for complicated times.

Making your business mobile 

Becoming delivery-friendly was probably the first thing on your to-do list once lockdowns began to be introduced, but being creative about how you bring your business to your customers can keep you one step ahead. Creating special takeaway menus or make-at-home kits and being present on delivery platforms are great foundations when it comes to keeping your business open and making the delivery experience as seamless as possible can make you stand out from the crowd. 

Diversifying payments

Offering your customers easy ways to pay for their orders can make your delivery service stress-free, and these positive experiences will keep your customers coming back for more. With SumUp, you can find a range of payment solutions to fit your business and make your delivery service that bit easier. Get paid on the go with our portable card readers, the SumUp Air and SumUp 3G, or accept payments remotely with SumUp Invoices or Payment Links. Contactless delivery and payment makes your customers feel at ease and keeps you and your employees safe.

Staying connected with your customers

Maintaining relationships with your customers from a distance can be a challenge, but keeping in touch via channels like email and social media can make it easier. Whether you’re temporarily closed, making renovations or open for business, you need to communicate this with your customers so that they’re always in the loop. The pandemic has completely changed the landscape in terms of how businesses communicate with their customers online, so you should make sure your social media presence is consistent even after you’ve reopened your restaurant or bar—your customers will expect this from you. 

When using social media, food and beverage businesses have great potential when it comes to customer engagement. From snaps of your tasty menu items to competitions and special offers, there are many ways to stay relevant online. Branching out to more interactive channels like Facebook or Instagram Live also opens doors to engaging content such as live cooking or cocktail workshops, music sessions and more. 

Planning for the future

After a long period of lockdown restrictions, people are flocking to eat out or have a pint. Keep in mind that as delivery services are the new normal, you’ll need to find a balance between running your restaurant and bar in-house as well as dealing with a much higher demand for takeaway and delivery. 

Offering customers vouchers to eat or drink in your establishment once you’re fully open again or launching new menu items with some buzz on social media are just some of the ways you can promote your reopening. You can also introduce SumUp Gift Cards to your customers, so they can treat their friends and families to food and drinks and pay via your SumUp devices.

If you think SumUp and our products could fit your business, get in touch with our Sales team.