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19 & 20 OCT 2022


URocked: The new way to say ‘Thanks’, better Reconnecting Staff for better Customer Experience

What’s the problem?
We’re accelerating into a cashless society and people are conducting their finances – be that
shopping, banking or bill paying - on their mobile phone or laptop. By cutting out cash, and
the social interaction around paying, the moment to leave a tip for a job well done is
becoming extinct.
Post-Covid customers carry cash less. Even the industries most synonymous with getting
tips, such as Hospitality and Hair and Beauty, are seeing frequency and tip amounts on the
downturn. And tips can make all the difference to connecting with clients, boosting personal
incomes, team morale and job retention in the workplace.
Employers also face the admin headache of distributing tips paid by card and the costs
associated with that means staff don’t get 100% of the money left for them.
From the Government consultation in 2016, it was revealed that in general 36% of
customers* were never aware of what happens to their tip. This lack of knowledge
discourages tipping further alongside reports of businesses holding on to the money.
So, without a universal electronic tipping method and a way to reassure customers that the
tips they leave make it to the right people – this is the perfect time for URocked to step in.

Culture change“The minimum wage is here for a reason, we shouldn’t have to pay on top” is an all-too-
common argument. But we believe there’s room for a change of mind here and the value of
your work shouldn’t only be defined by the hours you put in, or the targets you meet.
We want all workers, everywhere, to have the opportunity to have their energy, attitude
and efforts rewarded by allowing them to be tipped independently and directly and the
Government agrees this is an issue
The government committed to delivering an Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill to stop
employer deductions from tips in 2019, but it has yet to be acted on. Dean Russell, MP for
Watford, wants to introduce a private members bill which would ensure that staff would
receive 100% of tips they receive:
“Most businesses have been very fair with their staff and if a tip is given by a customer… 
 you tend to know, especially with cash, that person’s going to be able to keep it, or if they
pool it with their colleagues. But some businesses don’t do that and as we see with the rise
of credit card payments, we’ve seen through Covid, actually, less places take cash at the
moment. I just want to make sure that people, when they’re given a tip, that they get to
keep it.” Dean Russell, MP, via Sky News

Let’s make a change

URocked was created to empower people, reward great service, and connect us better in a
cashless world, AND THIS CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE. Here’s a breakdown of what the
URocked app will do:
? Universal appeal: A platform where any worker, in any industry, anywhere in the
world can get cashless tips directly.
? Ready for unseen and under-served markets: Expanding any role into a tip
? Transparency for customers: Customers will have confidence that 100% of their tip
is reaching the worker.
? Tips will no longer be time or location-sensitive: Individual QR/ID Codes mean
better self-promotion, anywhere!
? Benefits beyond tips for the worker: Tip tracking for keeping accounts and building
a record of good performance.
? Improved safety: No cash carried on your person - great for performers or those
with physical vocations.
? Feel-good factor: Track your impact on charity with every tip, get offers on services
based on your behaviours.
? A tool for employers: Removing admin from tip distribution, motivating staff and
improving customer service.
? Ethical choice with a charity component: to make your ‘Thank You’ work twice as
hard. Every transaction via URocked means a donation to hunger relief charities.

Tips that give backWe want to double our positive impact. For every tip sent via URocked, we donate to charity
from our fee, never the tip. The more tips the bigger the impact we can have together!
We wanted to build a service that is applicable to the times – not just for workers but for
society. 45% of people felt it would make a difference to them tipping if it resulted in a
hungry child being fed in the UK or abroad** – so we made it a part of our app.

Are you ready?You are more ready than you know! Whether you’re a worker, business or customer. The
last 18 months has educated everyone on how to use QR codes and pay via phones – and
that’s all you need to tip someone with URocked. It’s a preferred option now, and it means
our service can integrate smoothly into your customer experience. With the tipping market
already worth £5.2bn in the UK, within “typical” industries, it’s primed to grow with the
right mechanism.
URocked will open the market for more tipping opportunities; Musicians or performers, call
centre workers, warehouse or distribution operators or tradespeople, all doing work that a
customer may not usually have contact with, can now connect and promote themselves
with a URocked account, for free.
Join the URocked movement today.

*UK Government survey on Tipping, Gratuities, Cover and Service charges, 2016
**Research validated by Fly Research in a commissioned survey by URocked.