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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The process behind making an alcohol-free wine worth drinking

We founded ALT. with a simple idea in mind—to make an alcohol-free wine worth drinking. Satisfying alternatives to alcoholic drinks when you're having a meal, hanging out with friends or simply relaxing at home with your family. An alcohol-free sparkling wine you can enjoy anytime.

Since alcohol plays a big part in the taste of wine, finding the right varietals and grapes that retain their character after removing the alcohol was a labor of love. Our wines are created through a combination of traditional winemaking methods and cutting edge production techniques.

1. Harvest and press

ALT. begins with organically grown grapes from the middle of Spain. The winemaking process starts with whole cluster pressing, ideal for sparkling wine because it creates a more delicate, less astringent flavor.

2. Ferment

We then ferment the grapes in stainless steel tanks. All said and done, our process is designed to maintain the grape’s natural character and create a base that stands up to the dealcoholization process.

3. Extract

Finally, we gently remove the alcohol from the wine using proven and patented technology that extracts alcohol at low temperature without affecting the character of the grape.

The finished product are truly in a class of its own. Our ALT. Chardonnay (100% Chardonnay) has a crisp texture, tropical flavor, and dry, brut-like, profile. ALT. Rosé (100% Tempranillo) is fresh and aromatic, with a lingering acidity and notes of red berries and herbs.

Did we mention they contain 0% alcohol?

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