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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Laura Willoughby: Speaking at the Hotel Tech Live

Laura Willoughby

MBE, Founder  -  Club Soda

How Brits Are Embracing Mindful Drinking

Laura Willoughby MBE, founder of Club Soda will take your through their research on mindful drinking. Conducted in partnership with ABInbev, Laura Will share key findings including:

Low and no alcohol accounts for 10% of Google searches of alcoholic drinks, but only 1% of sales. If annual sales matched interest this market would be worth nearly £5bn in the UK.

Key motivators for changing drinking habits are mental health (43%), physical health (38%) and weight loss (26%).
Most moderate drinkers (88%) buy and drink alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks. Almost all of them (98%) purchase at least some low and no drinks.Nearly half (44%) of mindful drinkers show some brand loyalty moving from alcohol to low and no. More than one in ten (12%) have not yet found an alcohol-free version of an alcohol brand they like.

Many former wine drinkers switch to alcohol-free beer - categories that are slow to innovate lose drinkers as consumers cut down.

Find our more about the low and no alcohol consumer, what they are buying, where they shop and the five mindful drinking consumers.