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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Peckwater Brands

Run a kitchen? Say hello to extra orders, revenue, and margin.
We set you up to run a delivery franchise within your existing kitchen.
Our partners earn between £12,103 to £39,823 per month. You run the kitchen, we do the rest.

We`re a fast, cheap, low-risk way to expand your business. And we deliver massive returns.

In a nutshell:
We start by creating virtual food brands: we develop the recipes, set up the supply chain, source packaging and create menu assets, and everything else that's needed.

We then franchise these into operators just like you: we train your team, set you up with POS and other tech support, and manage customer support and the platforms.

Topline, our partners earn between £12,103 to £39,823 per month.

Because of our supply chain efficiencies, this translates to bottom-line savings as well - our average partner runs our brands at a +9% higher gross margin than their existing food delivery brands.

For our average partner this means:

An extra £1,088 per week in cash profit (after staff etc)
Increasing their gross margin by +9%
Increasing delivery orders by +823%
And reducing wastage by -4% and ingredients costs by -11%

There are absolutely no hidden fees. We ONLY make money when you make money.

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