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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Trending toward increased turnover and profit

Whether your customers are classified as Gen Z, I Gen, Centennials, Gen Y or Millennials, their purchase patterns are often driven by what is trending. Trending isn’t just the latest fad, trends can be sustainable new products, services, or business models. One key to increased turnover and profit can be found in how you respond to what is trending, particularly in how you manage your drinks program.

Increase your turnover and profit by recognising and accelerating these key trends;

- Craft – one of the most important factors millennials and Gen Xer’s list as a preference in choosing a spirit. Craft is often defined as made by individuals, not corporations. Fermented and distilled with a defined production process, not blended locally from generic spirits bought from corporate producers.

- Natural Ingredients – today’s customer is very concerned about putting chemicals in their bodies due to potential long-term health and environmental effects. They are looking for natural, unaltered ingredients, free of artificial flavours and dyes.

- Quaffable – not just a term used to describe wine anymore. Our new generation of customers do not accept their spirit of choice be un-drinkable or un-enjoyable. They are looking for spirits they can enjoy because, among the other trends noted here, it simply tastes good.

- Versatility – a spirit that appeals to everyone because it is quaffable and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, shaken, or stirred in craft cocktails or layered in shots They enjoy the re-invention of classic cocktails with new flavours and exciting new craft cocktails created by skillful bartenders.

- Customer Experience – beautiful packaging and an amazing spirit are a requirement but the real differentiator with today customers is the experience the brand creates for the customer. Is the brand story authentic and does the customer connect with the story? Does the brand create a consistent and positive experience, a unique, positive feeling the customer feels when consuming the product.

RumJava Artisan Crafted Rums are premium, coffee infused, craft rums. All natural and inspired by a passion for Caribbean culture, rum, and coffee, RumJava is creating an experience to which our customers feel emotionally connected. RumJava was born in the USVI from the founders’ island inspired Java’Mon Coffee company. RumJava is twice distilled at 180 proof in a copper stack pot from Florida cane produced in Clewiston, Florida. Artisan crafted in small batches, RumJava is personally nurtured through every part of the process from formulation, to mixing, testing, and tasting. After fermenting their premium base rum, freshly roasted Java’Mon Coffee beans are added to allow the natural infusion process to take place for at least 30 days. Once infusion is complete, the beans are removed, the rum is filtered, and other natural ingredients are added to achieve the best flavor profile reflecting each of the Java’Mon coffee blends. The end result: award-winning and trending RumJava.

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