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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The first smart bar system that promises to revolutionise the beverage service world

How does it work?

By adapting the latest technologies to hostelry establishments, the smart bar system uses sensors to show in real time the exact quantity of drink that is served, through interactive functions.

A series of control screens communicate with the control terminal (TPV) on which the beverage will be served.

What are its advantages?

Among other advantages, here are some of the most innovative:

1. Beverage quantity control

The Smart Bar notifies both the customer and waiter of the amount of drink that is being poured into each cup, showing in real time at the base of the cup each centiliter served.

2. Control of gender exepnditure in real time

Because the Smart Bar system communicates with the TPV, every drop of the drink that is served will be registered and it can be stored in the inventory section.

3. Take requests from any point of the counter

These screens enable you to register requests without having to travel to the PoS terminal.

4. Maximise your advertising!

The smart bar system can present any advertising content onto the surface of a bar counter, guaranteeing your customers see your adverts right when they are making their decisions!

Other interactive functions

Because this system is equipped with an operating system with multiple connectivity options, it can be programmed through its applications to adapt to the needs of each establishment - Functions such as content broadcast, waiters control, presence control, luminous decoration and many more.

This system is patented as a WORLD NOVELTY, to be launched by the Bitronic company, a company that is internationally renowned for the development of TPV and secure payment options!

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