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19 & 20 OCT 2022


#SoberDrinks Launch a New Range of Mocktails

The drinks market is changing, and fewer and fewer adults are choosing to drink alcohol. Millennial's in particular are proud to choose the #Sober option. Current market drivers are not pitched at this demographic. This is where #Sober Drinks come in, with their range of vibrant and appealing non-alcoholic cocktails.

Many people are beginning to realise the benefits of drinking less alcohol whilst others simply don’t like the taste, the cost or the effects. Increasingly in universities throughout the UK, student unions are introducing non-alcoholic-themed fresher weeks. Alcohol is still available, but this does highlight a change from the times where Freshers Week and general university life was all about partying in a drunken haze until sunrise and falling asleep in lectures. In addition, this demographic are more likely to view low/non-alcoholic drinks more favourably and are more often considering them to be of higher quality and having more interesting flavours than the norm, and as our culture changes to evenings out centred around socialising with friends in bars and restaurants, soft drink consumption has increased with it.

As a result, drinks companies have been bringing out a host of new products to meet these new demands, from non-alcoholic spirits to healthier, adult-focussed soft drinks. 

#Sober Drinks have taken a different path. Founder Richard Pollentine first came up with the idea whilst on holiday in Spain. He says, “As somebody who hasn’t had a drink in over a decade, I’m always on the lookout for something more interesting. So I thought, why not create it myself?”

Richard wants people who choose not to drink alcohol to not be judged for it or considered boring, as he often is. “I created #Sober Drinks for that reason. It’s clear our drinks are non-alcoholic by the brand name, and the bright colours create a fun vibe.”

#Sober Drinks have two mocktail flavours; Blue (pineapple, coconut and orange) and Green (kiwi, coconut and orange) and will add two more to the range this year. 

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