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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The Rise of The Mocktail

If you’re a non-drinker, seeing friends enjoying a glass or three can make you feel a little left out. However, whether it’s for religious, dietary, age or pregnancy-related reasons, there are more non-drinkers out there than ever before.

So, raise your glasses non-drinkers - your time is now!

Being the designated driver isn’t much fun, nor is meeting up with friends in a bar or at a house party when the cocktails are flowing. Admit it, sometimes you feel like throwing your hands in the air and shouting: “Ah, forget it, I’m having a Mojito!”

But before pouring half a bottle of rum into a glass - STOP.

What if you can enjoy the taste of a refreshing cocktail with none of the alcohol?


With a mocktail.

The Rise Of The Mocktail

For years, non-drinkers have been stuck with a soft drink, taking you back to childhood, sipping lemonade as adults enjoy a tipple. However, in a recent study published by BMC Public Health in The Guardian, almost 30% of young people (aged 16-25) classed themselves as “non-drinkers” - which means the market for non-alcoholic beverages is growing by the day.

So, with the number of drinkers on the decline, it’s encouraged pubs, bars, restaurants and supermarkets to embrace offering a wider selection of alcohol-free alternatives.

And it’s the mocktail which is making the biggest impact.

The Health Benefits Of The Mocktail

No matter what your age, there’s never been a better or tastier time to be teetotal, and things don’t get more delicious than a mocktail.

Place a cocktail and a mocktail alongside each other, and you’ll struggle to notice the difference, but it’s the health benefits which really set the mocktail apart.  For example, a heavy night on the cocktails means waking up the following morning with the feeling you can hear the world turning on its axis – not so with a mocktail.

Mocktails are full of fresh, natural ingredients which not only make them a healthy drink, but they’re also perfect for:


Vegans, and

Pregnant women

As well as people who don’t drink because of fitness regimes or religious reasons, such as halal and kosher diets.

The Virgin Mojito - The New Name In Mocktails

We’ve all seen friends enjoying a Mojito; it’s one of the most popular cocktails on the market.

So, non-drinkers will be delighted at the launch of the Virgin Mojito by Elan Mocktails. Made exclusively in the UK, Elan’s aim is to provide premium drinks for the non-alcoholic mocktail market. 

And with their maiden launch, they’ve done just that. Overflowing with the mojito’s famed sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint ingredients, the Virgin Mojito tantalises the taste buds and helps non-drinkers join in the party – with none of the after effects!

Oh, and what’s in the Virgin Mojito instead of rum?

Well, that’d spoil all the fun of working it out. With the arrival of Elan’s Virgin Mojito - and future launches of alcohol-free Pina Colada’s and Strawberry Daiquiri’s still to come - mocktails are here to stay.

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