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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Introducing the Award-Winning Hofmeister Helles

Hofmeister Helles is an independently owned by a small team of beer enthusiasts and is brewed in the heart of Bavaria by a 4th generation family brewery.

Brewed following the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law in the heart of Bavaria, Hofmeister Helles is made using only three ingredients: natural mineral water, locally grown barley and award-winning Hallertau hops.

It is slow-brewed at zero degrees, to produce a refreshing, authentic Bavarian beer to appeal to consumers looking for a premium product with provenance. Hofmeister Helles brings traditional Bavarian lager from the beer halls of Munich to discerning drinkers.

Lager still accounts for the majority of beer sales in the UK and the category is now responding to the trend for craft with premium lagers increasing in variety and availability. Commenting on rising trends and key formats in the category, Richard Longhurst, co-founder, said: “Darker beers and IPAs have had their time in the craft spotlight, now its lager’s turn. Lager is re-establishing as a category with the growth of premium varieties and the increasing interest in different lager styles such as Helles, Pilsner and hybrids like Kölsch.

“Established brewery brands have helped to improve the lager experience by brewing their own individual lager beers. This is helping to overhaul the drink’s image, positioning it as premium, refined and complex.”

Adding to this Richard said: “Many people are unaware that lager is, in fact, more expensive to brew, as it is aged for a particular length of time i.e. lagered and brewed at a colder temperature. Areas that have been historically influential for their creation and production of lager beers, such as the Czech Republic and Germany, are becoming better known as cradles of production for lager. The emphasis on the method of production, quality of ingredients and geography is helping to differentiate lager as a distinguished drink in its own right.”

Richard noted there is a marked difference in how customers are consuming, they are drinking less, but better-quality products and more consumption is taking place at home. Richard said: “Craft has given consumers the power to demand better.” Other ongoing trends that Richard predicts for the lager category include beer and food pairing and the growth in imported world lagers. “Great beer deserves great food,” said Richard, “for example, Hofmeister is the perfect pairing with seafood and spice, because it is refreshing and crisp and not overly carbonated.”

Hofmeister Helles has been recognised in a number of national and international awards. Since its launch in 2016, the lager has been voted and continues to hold the title of Best Lager in the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) Beer Awards and the Quality Drink Awards for its quality and taste. Most recently it was awarded a silver medal in the Bartenders’ Brand Awards.

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