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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Mélange Drinks Bubble onto the Premium Ready-To-Drink Scene 

Mélange Drinks have launched 3 varieties of Premium Alcoholic Craft Sodas, designed for consumers looking for an alternative with an emphasis on natural ingredients, low sugar content and trendy flavours.

Harry Sain and Alec Price were looking for something truly fresh when they started experimenting with concoctions in their small kitchen in London. The co-founders wanted a drink that was light, natural and interesting, all wrapped up in a convenient serving. Starting off as a hobby, they started developing drinks with a focus on natural ingredients and a low sugar content. Off the back of positive feedback and noticing an alignment between their product and market trends, Mélange Drinks was created to bring this vision to the public.

The launch brings with it 3 recipes, each looking to excite consumers by balancing bold flavour choices with a crisp finish:

No. 1 – Rhubarb & Raspberry

No. 2 – Grapefruit & Tangerine

No. 3 – Yuzu & Passionfruit 

The range highlights premium ingredients as their core.  The recipes use a Premium Vodka base, distilled at least 7 times and sourced from the UK. Flavours are all natural, selected from a range of flavourings and juices in order to achieve a truly exceptional taste. Subtly enhanced with Agave and extended with carbonated water, the mélange of ingredients are described by the company as Alcoholic Craft Sodas.

The designs were created with an artist friend of the co-founders, leveraging water colours and creative imagery in order to accentuate the natural body of the drinks. The aesthetic design embodies a timeless class sure to appeal to those also looking for an “instagrammable” drink

Bottled for ready-to-drink consumption, Mélange Drinks is targeted at both the on-trade and the off-trade. An immediate appeal in the British summer points towards a refreshing alternative to beer and wine when drinking in the likes of Hyde and Regent’s Park. The company also sees their drinks being adopted by restaurants and bars alike, with the quality of their drinks enhanced by the appeal of fast service. Created in London, Mélange Drinks will start local, taking advantage of the booming R-T-D trend in the UK. The industry has seen huge recent growth, with UK sales growing by almost a third in the past year.

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