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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Cheers to alcohol free beers!

From student debts to swapping mortgages for avocado toast, those pesky millennials just don’t get it! Or do they?
In the past year, UK consumers have spent a record £57m on alcohol free beers, a boom that is surprisingly being driven by millennials. Since 2015 an increased 29% of 16-24 year olds do not drink alcohol at all.

Changed are the days of causing mayhem by popping down the local park with a bag full of alcohol from our parents’ garage. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this still happens, but nowhere near as frequently. Attitudes to inebriation are changing and millennials no longer consider it cool to have obscure drunken photos from the night before plastered across our social media platforms.

We are more aware of health and wellbeing and frankly don’t have time for hangovers! 
Although millennials are driving this change, we aren’t the only ones with a thirst for alcohol free alternatives. The sales of alcohol free beer in the off trade has experienced a growth of 60% since 2017 and 1/3 of drinkers view low ABV alternatives as more refreshing. So who else is drinking alcohol free beer?

Designated drivers
Britain is great, from the rugged coastline of Scotland to the lush hills of the South Wales valleys. It’s not so great, however, when you want to pop to the pub if you live outside of a city. The remote location of many a good old pub means that someone is always the designated driver. Designated drivers are bored of being offered an orange juice, they want an adult alternative, something with attitude. That’s where alcohol free beers such as Drop Bear Beer come to the rescue.
Individuals with health conditions
Whether your customers suffer from a heart condition, are diabetic or are just trying to lose a bit of that beer belly, alcohol free options can be a great alternative. More natural than diet soft drinks, alcohol free beer tends to be naturally lower in calories and sugar than their alcoholic siblings. That’s certainly true of Drop Bear, we’re the lowest calorie on the market!
Work commitments
Long hours, flexible hours, early morning starts. None of these are well complimented by a hangover. That shouldn’t mean after a long day at work you can’t have a beer or two, after all brewing really is a craft to be enjoyed. So why not just remove the hangover? Alcohol free alternatives allow consumers to pop to the pub with their friends, socialise, and then wake up early for work feeling energised and ready to tackle the ever busier day ahead.
Frankly there isn’t enough space here to explain the myriad of reasons for which people may consume an alcohol free beer, but as you can see, they appeal to a wide variety of demographics.
 So get ahead of the game and give your customers the choice they want and deserve. Grab a Drop Bear Beer and celebrate the craft of brewing, minus the alcohol of course!

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