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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Why Do We Love Vodka?

Vodka has been the number one spirit on the market for a long time. Even now, while upstarts such as rum and gin make their merry way onto the scene, Vodka still dominates. By 2023, the market in the UK will be worth 3.85 Million, having continued to grow. Vodka is an unstoppable force, Attracting customers from all corners of the country. The popularity of smooth vodka based cocktails means that the clear spirit is still leading the way in the hearts and minds of consumers, and the student population of the UK seems to continue to love mixing it with anything and everything they can find in their fridge. But what is it about vodka that we love so much?

A Little Background

Vodka is old. And not just physically aged - the spirit has been around since at least the 14th century in Russia, while some claim it originated even earlier in 8th or 9th century Poland. Popular in Balkan states for hundreds of years, it only really found popularity in the US and Europe as late as the 1940’s and 50’s. Well known for its lack of distinct flavour and colour as well as a strong alcohol content, vodka is drunk straight by mad people (respect if that’s you) and more commonly put in cocktails or combined with fruit ‘mixers’.

Vodka in the Future

So we know where vodka came from - but where is it headed into the future? It certainly seems to be steam - rolling it’s way forwards, and it’s space in the hearts and glasses of consumers only makes the next few years even brighter.

Botanical Vodkas

Gin has always been considered the botanical spirit, and nothing came close to meshing so well with fruity flavours and light aromatic notes. However, there is a new-old kid on the block - Producers have started to add botanical elements to their vodkas. Offered as an alternative to Rose, these newer beverages are billed as being far healthier than the alternatives, with 40% lower calories than a glass of white wine. While very new, it certainly seems to be here to stay, showing that there’s room for something new in Vodka.

CBD Infusions

CBD is already sweeping it’s way through the industry, drawing the faithful from all across the world. Drinkers want something different in their vodka, and CBD is the buzz of the moment. It’s unlikely to be simply another flavoured vodka, where customers bought bottles and left them in the cupboard to gather dust, as they didn’t know what to do with it. CBD infused vodka will be just like any ordinary vodka, just with relaxing properties - making it far easier to put into cocktails and consume with mixers.

Craft Vodka

We’ve all heard of craft beer and craft gin. Craft vodka is much the same concept - a more premium product made in smaller batches by passionate distillers. While slightly more expensive, these alternatives to the big brands draw in the true vodka fans, who value it’s flavour and body over its ability to intoxicate.

VERY Fancy Bottles

To the Vodka aficionado, each vodka is different, with unique flavour profiles and mouthfeel. However, to the average drinker, vodkas differ very little in flavour and colour - so companies have to come up with new ways to set themselves apart on shop shelves. Cue the incredible range of evermore fancy bottles that are being pumped full of vodka, all in the name of drawing in more customers. Prepare to see drinks aisles lined with elaborate glass vessels, setting themselves apart with interesting bottle designs.

Vodka is the world’s number one spirit, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With an incredible array of trends taking vodka into the future, it’s an exciting time to be a vodka fan!

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