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How do QR codes reinvent the customer journey in restaurants?

The digital QR code menu for restaurants allows immediate access to your menu without contact, as it is directly on your customers smartphones. This new functionality has been launched for the reopening of restaurants to reassure customers on health and safety measures. 

Several options are available for this type of digital menu such as menus, interactive menus which include visuals of the goods, menus with integrated order or even direct mobile payments.

The QR code is a real time saver for your teams, and a good way to adjust your menu to your liking in 1 click. In this article, you will discover how QR code technology ?reinvents the customer experience in restaurants.

QR Code menu in PDF format ?

This is the simplest QR code format, which you will probably be familiar with from last summer's success. It is an image of your paper menu that your customers can browse directly from their smartphones yet the order taking remains done by your waiters. Hence, this solution allows you to control the COVID-19 health and safety barriers. However, the customer experience isn’t pleasant as the PDF format requires your customers to often zoom in to read through the menu. In addition, you have to amend the code as your dishes change.

The interactive QR code menu (or advisory)

This QR code allows a new and simple route for your customers. To have a QR code at their table means that they can directly consult your digital menu from their mobile upon their arrival. This alternative route provides access to a visual menu with descriptions for each of your dishes. Once your customer has made their choice, they must then call the server to process the order. This type of route is beneficial to your reopening as it offers a reassuring and quality experience for your customers. The different visuals and descriptions of your digital menu allows them to project themselves into their dining experience. This is an easy-to-use solution for your customers that maintains a traditional waitressing method from your servers. While the benefits of this version are limited, restaurateurs have the opportunity to offer more comprehensive and efficient customer journeys. 

Ordering at the table

The QR code menu with integrated table ordering is the most successful option for your customers. This allows them to browse and place their orders autonomously from their smartphones. As soon as they arrive, they have access to the menu; once they have made their choice, they can validate their order without waiting for a waiter! There are several advantages to this approach:

  • Your customers immediately have contactless access to your menu

  • You can update this digital menu with a few clicks, add visuals and descriptions to your items to increase your average orders per ticket

  • You get a faster service thanks to orders directly being sent from your customers (order that can go directly to your POS system)

  • A reduction in errors made while taking orders (you will no longer have double entry issues!)

  • Saving time for your waiters who can now concentrate on creating an all-round better customer experience! This allows the restaurant owner to reduce his payroll.

Mobile Payments

  • For the reopening of restaurants, offer your customers a complete digital experience with fast and efficient service via mobile payment. With this solution, your restaurant’s staff can concentrate on the service as your customer takes care of the rest! From their mobile phone, your customer can browse the menu, order and pay in just a few clicks. 

  • Mobile payments always allow a contactless access to your menu which is vital for the reopening of your restaurant. This method of service is twice as fast as the customer orders and pays simultaneously from their mobile. Therefore, your table rotation will be optimized and order taking errors will be reduced. 

  • This method will also help you to increase your average order per ticket thanks to the quick payment option. Additionally, your servers will be able to focus on the quality of the service they provide and advice your customers. This is an opportunity to reduce your payroll costs and save money for your restaurant.

Ordering from the counter

Ordering at the counter: an option dedicated to fast food or food courts! With this method, your customers order their dish from their mobile through the QR code and then come to pick it up at a designated collection point (your bar, counter or other). Your customers will love the autonomy and efficiency that they get from this new way of ordering. 

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